Castiello Camini

After sales service

CWith our customers we like to have a close relationship, after the point of sale. Thanks to our after sales service, we offer constant support for fireplace and thermo-fireplace, whether it be by phone or via e-mail.

First Power On fireplace 3.1
What’s the First Power On fireplace 3.1? It is a purchasable after sales service which Castiello fireplace can offer you. By request, a specialist technician can tailor a programme for your 3.1 (MULTIFUEL), directly at your home. All the Castiello fireplace products are programmed at the final phase of production. However our own authorised technician can create a programme suitable for your needs and the characteristics of your home.

Customer service being our priority, our technicians will inspect your appliance before the onset of maxim use in winter, to ensure all is in order and thus improving efficiency and long life.

To benefit from either of these services you need only to call or e-mail us.


Tel. +39 0825.523414

The fireplace and thermo-fireplace and the 3.1 Castiello are unique in having HPOD technology (High Performance Open Door), thanks to which, it’s possible to use with the appliance DOOR OPEN, like a traditional fireplace, while still efficiently heating the entire premises.