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Is Housing Wellbeing

With Castiello 3.1 Fireplace heating becomes wellbeing in your home. Thermal comfort, air comfort, acoustic comfort, aesthetic comfort are the main components of the quality of the home environment. Thorough analysis of the concept of heating shows that there are many aspects to consider, some very often underestimated. The 3.1 Fireplace was conceived, designed and built specifically to meet all needs related to home heating efficiency, safety, convenience, quiet, cleanliness, design, energy saving. With the 3.1 Fireplace heating is much more.

LUXURY Fireplace

DOES NOT SMOKE: the unique features of the 3.1 Fireplace avoids any problem of the formation of smoke in the house, even when used with the door open.
NOT DIRTY: the 3.1 Fireplace can be fuelled with wood, but also with olive stones, hazelnut shells, corn and other granular fuels. This allows you to keep it on for many hours, even with the door open in the house with no ash or any other type of residue.
NO NOISE: it is much quieter than a pellet stove. Thanks to our testing of long sought technical solutions we obtained an unimaginably low level of noise Fireplace.
HEATING YIELD: a record yield is achieved with a closed or open door (High Performance Open Door) whereby 3.1 Fireplace can be used in absolute freedom.
BEAUTIFUL: refined design makes the 3.1 Fireplace a living element of furniture, which enriches and further characterizes the home environment, in addition to heating it well.


THERMO-FIREPLACE: the 3.1 produces hot water in large quantities and heats the whole house by connecting with all types of heating;
PELLET STOVE: the 3.1 Fireplace can be programmed for all its activities, from power to the management of heating and consumption, the transition from one fuel to another, until shutdown. ;
FIREPLACE : the 3.1, thanks to the exceptional efficiency with the DOOR OPEN, it allows you to experience the pleasure of direct contact with fire, in complete freedom, just like in front of a traditional Fireplace, and without prejudicing the efficiency of heating the whole house. As a traditional Fireplace, it can also be used for cooking food.

Fireplace ModerN


is multi combustible, unlike Fireplace, stove and boilers which are all single combustible, the 3.1 Fireplace can be fed with wood, pellet, hazelnut shells, olive pits and other granular fuels. It therefore has the freedom to choose between different fuels also according to price and availability of the market.
is ONE GESTURE: with a single and simple gesture, starting the 3.1 activates a Fireplace, a pellet stove and a traditional Fireplace, all wonderfully together. This means that you will have available at the same time: hot water, heating, direct contact with fire, cooking, a living element of furniture and much more.
is PRACTICAL , extremely easy to switch from one fuel to a another, it is also self-cleaning and requires no special maintenance.

For the most demanding   

DUBLE SIDED (DUO), For the most demanding DOUBLE SIDED, for those who want to enjoy the pleasure of fire from every perspective, always having available the features and benefits of a Fireplace and a pellet stove.

Fireplace Outdoor