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Outdoor Fireplace Long Duo Small

Outdoor fireplace Long Duo Small

The Fireplace you can appreciate from swimmingpool.fireplace 3.1 duo

The fire is the soul of every light. We can light up you summer nights, being them unique. The Outdoor Fireplace is the main character in the center of you garden, near you swimming pool, its light pleasure is the same indoor and outdoor in the garden. The fire enlarges around itself heat and light also in the soul. 3.1 OUTDOOR.

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Open doorClosed door
Company's experience in the manufacturing sector35 Years
Power on with wood could be programmed
Double sidedYES
Heating by direct radiation (HPOD Technology)YES
Combustion chamber with carbon steel80/10mm mm
Fire surface in carbon steel80/10mm mm
Door up and down with double opening glass ceramicYES
Outside air intake130 mm mm Ø
Hood free of any accessoryYES
Access in the combustion chamberNobody
No unaesthetic metal frontYES
No inefficient internal air intakeYES
Conceived, designed and made entirely in ItalyYES
Special Italian DesignYES
Quality/price ratioYES