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The buyer's guide

Our commercial consultants will assist you at every stage of the buying process, to ensure you have a clear choice of products which will satisfy your needs and requirements, and ultimately deliver complete satisfaction. By phone, via e-mail, or at our showroom, we are pleased to offer any technical and commercial details you may require. We have achieved a wide range of solutions to satisfy every need in the field of heating, paying attention to every aspect, including efficiency, practicality, cleanliness, silence, combined with comfort and design.

The Fireplaces, Thermo-fireplace and the 3.1 Castiello Design are unique in having HPOD technology (High Performance Open Door), thanks to which, it’s possible to use with the appliance DOOR OPEN, like a traditional fireplace, while still efficiently heating the entire premises.

We care about the comfort of your home, here in Italy and abroad.

To tailor the right product for you we need to be clear on:

  1. What are your priorities
  2. What type of central heating you use

If your principle need is to HEAT THE ENTIRE HOUSE

We draw your attention to the Thermo-fireplace and 3.1 (Thermo-fireplace wood/pellets) range. These products, which differ from traditional fireplaces, use the heat produced by combustion to maximum effect, for central heating and domestic hot water. The Thermo-fireplace and the 3.1, IDRO version, satisfy all your needs for water and central heating. There’s no need for any other appliances. Thermo-fireplace and 3.1 are HPOD technology equipped.

If you want to REDUCE THE COSTS of domestic heating

We would like to inform you that among all the heating solutions, the wood burning Thermo-fireplace and the 3.1 (Thermo-fireplace wood/pellets) guarantee you the ultimate savings. Thermo-fireplace and 3.1 are HPOD technology equipped.

thermo-fireplace grafic

If however your priority is PRACTICALITY

The 3.1 (wood/pellets) is the product which will satisfy your needs, as all it’s functions can be programmed, from ignition to heating, rate of consumption and change of combustable fuel, to final switch off. With a single gesture, you can activate a Thermo-fireplace, a pellet stove and a traditional fireplace, wonderfully combined. 3.1 is HPOD technology equipped.

Are you looking for CONVIVIALITY?

You’re planning to use the fireplace occasionally, as a focal point while meeting friends and family? We suggest our “Pronto Fireplace” collection, a tribute to the history of the fireplace. You may appreciate the classic line, the square aperture and long line, a reinterpretation of the classical fire by Castiello fireplace. The Pronto fireplace is a single block of steel, easy to install, lightweight, with a concealed double door, fitted with ceramic glass resistant to 750°. The Pronto fireplace can easily be used as a thermal warm air convector. Pronto fireplace is HPOD technology equipped.


If your aim is to FURNISH your home with a living element

We inform you that we pay particular attention to the design of all our products. We want our customers to heat their homes with complete satisfaction, and at the same time enrich the ambience of their homes. For a completely new perspective, we draw your attention to the Long collection, with its long elegant lines. For both the CLASSIC line (square hearth) and the Long line (rectangular hearth), they can both be exclusively framed in black carbonised steel, stainless steel, and in COR-TEN steel, the final touch to enrich your “Castiello Design”.

Looking for EXCLUSIVITY ?

We have reserved for you two collections which celebrate the art of the fireplace and the manufacturer, the “DUO” (double sided) and the “Outdoor”. Double sided, fireplace, 3.1 and thermo-fireplace, also for wood/pellets, allows you to appreciate the dancing flames from different angles. One can imagine it at the centre of a large space, or perhaps between two adjacent areas, for example between the kitchen and living room, living room and bedroom, or even between the living room and outdoor terrace, creating a unique atmosphere during every season of the year. Our Outdoor collection has been created to be at the heart of your garden, on the terrace or by the pool. The Outdoor shows that a fireplace isn’t just for heating, but it’s a creative focal point to heighten the magic of a summer’s evening. Double sided and Outdoor fireplace are HPOD technology equipped.

All our products, fireplace, thermo-fireplace and 3.1 can be used for the cooking of food, an extra function on all our range.

Choosing the product in conjunction with heating system used.

If you heat your home using water based central heating, with the various thermo-fireplace (wood burning), and the 3.1 (wood burning and pellets), you may choose to install a system of radiators, skirting board, wall and floor heating systems. This system will comfortably heat the house with an even distribution of warmth. It also guarantees abundant domestic hot water.
If you prefer to heat the house with warm air, all our products are suitable. The convection of warm air will heat the entire home.

The “Instructions for Installation, Use and Maintenance”, are presented in a simple form, to ensure you gain maximum benefit from your fireplace or stove: maximum efficiency, savings and pleasure wherever you are.



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The fireplace, thermo-fireplace and the 3.1 Castiello are unique in having HPOD technology (High Performance Open Door), thanks to which, it’s possible to use with the appliance DOOR OPEN, like a traditional fireplace while still efficiently heating the entire premises.