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Thermo-Fireplace Wood | Pellet Classic F30 Multifuel

Thermo-Fireplace Wood Pellet Classic F30 Multifuel

Thermo-Fireplace, and pellet stove in one productThermo-Fireplace 3.1 wood pellet

Castiello Thermo-Fireplace 3.1 F30 Multfuel: the comfort of a Fireplace with the convenience of a pellet stove, the pleasure of the traditional Fireplace. Castiello 3.1 is all this and much more! Castiello Thermo-Fireplace 3.1 F30 Multifuel (8 -30 kw) heats in total efficiency areas up to 210 square meters (590 cubic meters). It is a new generation of Fireplace, with open or closed circuits which reduce installation costs and consumption, ideal for those who want to rely on the comfort and convenience of fully automatic technology. The pellet operation allows you to have a programmable Thermo-Fireplace with various automatic functions, from turning fuel, adjusting the intensity of the flame and cleaning operations. The pellet system reduces consumption when turned off and makes it easy and convenient when switching from wood. All in absolute harmony with the environment. The craftsmanship typical of the Castiello Thermo-Fireplace name guarantees attention to detail that makes it unique. The exceptional performance even with the door open allows you to use the Thermo-Fireplace as a classic Fireplace without losing the efficiency. Although large-scale, it is not too large and is the Fireplace is suitable to satisfy every need of your home, efficiency, safety and aesthetic refinement. CASTIELLO 3.1: MUCH HEAT IN BEAUTY!

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Open doorClosed door
Company's experience in the manufacturing sector35 Years
Hot sanitary water production (hydro version)YES
Power heating systemYES
Heating SystemIDRO o AIR
Types of heating systems connectableALL
Also suitable for cooking foodYES
Heating by direct radiation (HPOD Technology)YES
Digital control with LCD displayYES
Door up and down with double opening glass ceramicYES
Outside air intake130 mm Ø
Combustion chamber with carbon steel40/10 mm
Fire surface in carbon steel100/10 mm
Full insulation and covered with aluminum13 mm
Modular pellet tank in inox steelYES
Radiating surface4,2 Mq
Pellet system with security on 3 levelsYES
Pellet falls into the brazier, but all hidden under the fire bedYES
Well ash collectingYES
Hood free of any accessoryYES
Breaking controlled pointYES
Power on with sparkYES
Power on with pellet could be programmedYES
Power on with wood could be programmedYES
Daily programmingYES
Weekend programmingYES
Weekly programmingYES
Automatic switching pellet / wood and wood / pelletYES
Wellness buttonYES
Pellet level sensorYES
Fuel typeWood/Pellet
Access in the combustion chamberNobody
Installation closed circuitYES
Installation open circuitYES
No unaesthetic metal frontYES
No inefficient internal air intakeYES
Special Italian DesignYES
Conceived, designed and made entirely in ItalyYES
Quality/price ratioGreat
Company's experience in the manufacturing sector33 years