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Useful Tips

The advantages of using Biomass

The use of Biomass as a fuel is advantageous for many different reasons. More than anything it doesn't increase the amount of greenhouse gases present in the atmosphere. The burning of Biomass in fact frees as much CO2 as plants absorb during their entire life. Also, the use of Biomass, made from forestry, agriculture and the wood industry residues contributes to the cleanliness of the woodlands and the land. There is an abundant constant supply, it doesn't create acid rain and also it's after product may be re-used for fertilizer.


Advice for the use of wood based Biomass in the home

Fireplaces and Thermo-fireplaces, which use wood based Biomass represent an interesting alternative source of energy if used correctly. We draw your attention to the following points to obtain maximum results from both fuel and appliance.

  • Use a well maintained and efficient appliance.
  • Keep the chimney clean-it should be free of soot,without obstacles,for example nests or dead birds.
  • If the house is well insulated, make sure there is a sufficient draw of air to the outside.
  • Test the draw of air with a flame, if the flame isn't drawn into the fireplace, there's insufficient ventilation.


If you use Wood

  • When you buy "green" wood, you are also paying for the water contained in it. It's better to buy wood in June or July as the wood is felled in autumn, therefore by winter it will be drier.
  • Wood should be stored in a protected place, so it can continue the natural process of seasoning.
  • Wood, therefore, should be dry and seasoned (with a less than 40% humidity level). Dry wood lights and burns easily, while the converse is true for damp wood. Using damp wood means difficulty in lighting, more consumption, and the production of condensation which can damage the fireplace.
  • Burn the wood in adequate pieces 30-40 cms long and about 30 cms thick. Smaller pieces are easier to store and burn better. The hard woods are the most fruitful (Beech, Oak, Hornbeam, Elm, Maple).
  • Don't use treated or waste wood, taken from building sites, old boxes, wooden furniture or laminated woods. Also plywood should not be used.
  • Don't use wood that has been coated with any substance as it could produce toxic fumes.
Termocamino legna

If you use Pellets

Wood pellets are the produce of forestry work and the wood industry. The wood is reduced to sawdust, compressed then heated, then run through a grid which determines its final shape. The heating and pressure activates the dormant polymer lignin in the wood, which together with the cellulose present constitutes about 70% of its mass, and thus gives it good storage properties. Compared to other natural combustables it is easy to use and source. Quality pellets overall represent a natural fuel, clean, with no harm to the environment.

Termocamino Pellet


When buying pellets you must ascertain: accertarsi:

  • The name of the producer and vendor are clearly indicated.
  • That they carry the wording of "Wood pellets",accompanied by the class of quality according to the European norm (UNI EN 14961-2) which has introduced three classes of quality: A1 Top quality (for domestic use), A2 and B, the latter to be used for large appliances, for commercial and industrial use.
  • Origin of the wood used (uncontaminated virgin wood).
  • Check the weight.

Control of the combustion

  • The smoke should be almost invisible (the emission of dense smoke from the fire, yellow or dark grey means severe pollution).
  • Blue or red flames indicate an optimal combustion, pink or dark red the contrary.
  • The ashes should be white or light grey, heavy, dark ash and a discolouration of the fireplace mean poor combustion.
  • There should be no peculiar odours which may indicate the presence of noxious substances.
  • Little soot should be produced, too much means the fuel is wet or of poor quality.


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