Castiello Camini

Who we are

Termocamino Artigianale


We carry products with exceptional performance and that are technologically advanced, but that is not enough for us, we want to surprise our customers! We want that each of our products is a source of emotion, every day. We have a simple mission: to improve the lives of our customers by offering them efficient heat, but in beauty. Customers are for us an integral part of the company, their interest and their satisfaction fuels our passion and activates our best energies. The customer "is" the company, always.

36 Years of experiences
Our exclusive creations are the natural result of specific knowledge accumulated in over thirty years of experience. Since 1980 we have produced only solutions for heating biomass (wood, pellets, olive pits, nut shells, corn, etc.). We are specialists in chimneys and fireplaces, thanks to our technology 'High Performance Open Door', that we have we developed and applied to all our products.

100% Made in Italy

Castiello Design, is inspired entirely by the strength and values of the Italian spirit and bears its share of responsibility for the protection, promotion and strengthening of the 'Made in Italy' ideal. Castiello Design innovation, design and all other phases through which a product sees the light are fully performed in Italy, by Italian workers and professionals. 66 Available Solutions.


We offer our customers more than sixty different solutions, defined by type of the heating (hot water or air or both), fuel ( wood / pellet, gas and bioethanol) design (Classic and Long / 16: 9). All products are also available in ONE FACED or TWIN FACED (DUO SERIES). For the more daring collection there is the OUTDOOR (outdoor fireplaces).